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Photos of A30 Austins 1953 onwards.

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The following photographs show various A30s that were seen at shows and museums in recent years. Most are in good condition, either restored or well-preserved in largely original order, with a few that are ripe for a little tender loving care one day!

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A30 1950s A30 1950s A30 1950s A30 1950s A30 1950s

Notes on the above Austin photographs

The first two photos show a dragster that features the silhouette of a 2dr A30, but other than that shares little with BMC's little creation. Next up is a pair of slightly 'tired' A30s parked outside a Welsh motor museum, and then a couple showing my other half's A30 before it went to a new home in the USA, before coming back to the UK once more I'm told!?! The beige car was an overseas visitor to a club stand at Tatton Park in 2006, and a green example seen at Malvern in the same year. Several more pictures remain, including another of our A30 on a transporter leaving for the last time, a super-original van at Malvern, and the prototype A30 convertible that is on show at the Gaydon Heritage Centre.

Show us your A30! if you have some photos of your A30 and would like it featured here, please drop me a line at and I'll add it to this page ASAP. Thanks!

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